Do you have worn-down or broken teeth?

Dr. Rapoport with patient

Our doctors can examine you and let you know what treatment options they recommend for your specific situation.

Certain factors in life, such as accidents, gum disease and not visiting the dentist for a while, can lead to loose, damaged or severely decayed teeth. As periodontial specialists, Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Schuler are highly skilled and experienced at saving teeth. They use very advanced treatments for gum disease and can rebuild bone and gum support for teeth that have been severely compromised. They will do their best to save your teeth whenever feasible, and they are often successful.

However, if your teeth are beyond the point where repair is possible or advisable, our doctors recommend removing them and replacing them with implant-supported replacement teeth all on the same day.

Is It Always Right to Save Teeth?

Our doctors will attempt to save your teeth whenever feasible.

There are certain situations where teeth that are so broken-down, damaged, decayed, or loose and lacking bone support that they cannot be saved. In these circumstances, there is no doubt that extraction and replacement is the best option.

In certain other situations, teeth have issues that make them border on unviability but could potentially be treated. These treatments, however, may require multiple procedures that would be costly, time-consuming and unpredictable in terms of resulting stability and health.

Dr. Rapoport or Dr. Schuler can examine you and advise you about your situation in detail, thoroughly explaining your different treatment options and their recommendations.

Determining If Teeth Should Be Saved or Replaced

Dr. Rapoport or Dr. Schuler will thoroughly inspect your teeth, gums and jawbone to assess all the factors that affect their long-term stability. The doctor will check the amount of bone support for your teeth, the extent of any gum disease, the amount of tooth decay or damage present and the health of the adjacent teeth.

He will also check the health of the inner nerves of your teeth and will review your dental history, medical history and any current medical treatments you may be undergoing.

High-tech 3D imaging for precise diagnosis

Showing a patient the 3D CT Scanner

We use advanced 3D diagnostic equipment to get an accurate view of your teeth, jaw and surrounding structures.

To make a conclusive determination, our doctors will obtain full X-ray images to assist with their examination. This includes getting 3D 360° images of your teeth, jaw and surrounding structures using our state-of-the-art, in-office cone beam 3D CT scanner.

These 3D CT scan images can be viewed from any angle and magnified for detailed inspection. They help our doctors to accurately determine the amount of bone support and tooth decay under your gumline without having to perform any invasive exploratory procedures, as might have been necessary in the past.

Presentation of treatment options

Your doctor will give you his findings and tell you exactly what it would take to try to save any compromised teeth, including all costs and risks. He will let you know if you are a candidate for dental implants and will thoroughly explain their benefits and answer any questions you may have. Our doctors take great care to educate you so you can make a thoroughly informed decision.

Replacing Individual Teeth

Single Dental Implant

Dental bridges are the traditional replacement option for a single tooth, but they require the grinding down of the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth for the bridge to be supported, and have numerous other disadvantages. A dental implant is the strongest and most stable and durable option for replacing a missing tooth, and our doctors use very advanced technology to make dental implant placement fast, comfortable and minimally invasive.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

Multiple Dental Implants

Where two or more teeth are missing or in need of replacement, several dental implant options are available to provide you with new teeth that are stable, have near full chewing power and can last a lifetime.

Replacing All Your Teeth

All-on-4® New Teeth in One Day
All-On-4® New Teeth in One Day

Using the All-on-4 New Teeth in One Day procedure, Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Schuler can provide a full-arch set of replacement teeth that are firmly fixed into your mouth, provide close to full chewing power and will not slip or irritate your gums. It is called “All-on-4” as four specially designed implants are strategically placed to support a full arch of fixed-in new teeth. Our doctors can perform all extractions, place your implants and give you a full arch of new teeth all on the same day!

Same-Day Implants and Tooth Replacement

If you are an eligible candidate, Dr. Rapoport or Dr. Schuler can extract your teeth and place dental implants and functional new replacement teeth all on the same day. This can be done for single teeth, multiple teeth or a full arch.

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