Other Dentists and Their Families Come to Our Office

One of the best proofs of our technical expertise and service is the fact that numerous Seattle area dentists and their families come to our office for their periodontal treatment and dental implant services. Below are some of their stories.

What Other Doctors Say“We know a ton of periodontists and oral surgeons so we had the pick of the litter. Where did I decide to send my wife to? I sent her to Dr. Rapoport because I knew that she was going to get the care that I would expect any of my family or friends to get.”

—Timothy Hess, DDS

What Other Doctors Say“As a referring dentist, communication is huge for me and there is nobody better at it than Dr. Rapoport. His reports go well above and beyond his own purview of periodontal exams.

“I’ve also been a patient myself and can attest to the level of care and the quality of everything they deliver. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Schuler to my friends, colleagues or any of my patients.”

—John Sackman, DDS

What Other Doctors Say“As a dentist I really appreciate Dr. Rapoport’s meticulous attention to detail to ensure that all treatment is completed in the most optimum way possible. He is textbook.

“I am confident that my patients are in good hands when I refer them to Dr. Rapoport because I am a patient myself. I was born with two missing teeth and he was able to give me implants so I now have a full set of teeth and a complete smile.”

—Austin Baruffi, DDS