Replacing Individual Teeth

Single Dental ImplantDental implants are titanium posts that are placed into the jaw and act as replacement tooth roots, with artificial teeth mounted on top of them. Dental implants are the strongest, most lifelike and longest-lasting tooth replacement option. They feel, look and function just like natural teeth.

For a missing tooth or a tooth that is broken-down and needs extraction, Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Schuler can expertly place dental implants for all eligible candidates. And because of recent technical advances in dentistry, most people are now candidates for dental implants.

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Dental Implants Are Superior to Dental Bridges

dental implant vs. dental bridge

A traditional dental bridge (left) requires the grinding down of adjacent teeth. A dental implant (right) is a more conservative option as it preserves the healthy teeth adjacent to the missing tooth.

Traditional dental bridges require the grinding down of adjacent, often healthy, teeth in order to support the bridge. This severely weakens those teeth and can lead to complications such as tooth decay over time. Bridges also have an average life span of only about seven to ten years.

Dental implants require no compromising of adjacent teeth and can last a lifetime if properly cared for. They have numerous advantages over all other forms of tooth replacement.

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Advanced Technology for Same-Day Implants and New Teeth

dental implant planning software

Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Schuler use the latest in diagnostic 3D imaging to determine how to place your implants. They also use a very advanced procedure for extracting teeth which optimally preserves the surrounding gum and bone.

This makes them uniquely equipped to provide “immediate implants”—performing any needed extraction, placing a dental implant and providing a functional replacement tooth all in one day. Circumstances vary by individual patient, but our doctors are able to provide this service for most patients who need to replace broken-down teeth that are still in need of extraction. In many instances, they are also able to provide same-day implants and replacement teeth to patients who are already missing a tooth, provided that the patient has not experienced severe bone loss in the area where the tooth is missing.

Full Exam for Same-Day New Teeth

Dental Implant Consultation

Dr. Rapoport can examine you to see if you are a candidate for same-day implants.

Dr. Rapoport or Dr. Schuler will determine if you are a candidate for same-day dental implants in a full oral exam and consultation. They will fully explain their findings, present your treatment options and answer all your questions.

We are currently offering a full exam, digital X-rays, a CT scan as needed and a consultation with Dr. Rapoport or Dr. Schuler for $99. Usual value is $590. To make an appointment, call 206‑575‑1086 or click here to request an appointment online.