Dental Implants and Dentures – Understanding the Two

If you’ve struggled with your teeth, or the lack thereof, for years – then there’s a pretty good chance that dental implants aren’t the first procedure that you’ve invested some time into. For many, especially those missing more than one tooth, dentures and partial dentures were the first solutions that were tried.

Now, after having dentures for so long and seeing the possibilities and capabilities that dental implants offer, it’s very common for people to ask what the options are regarding having dentures and considering dental implants. Today our blog is going to dive into some of the questions that are often asked of individuals who have had dentures for periods of time, and are interested in learning more about dental implants. Let’s dive right in!

Do you have to use one or the other?

Dentures used to be the only dental care solution for missing teeth, and then they were used as the sole solution. Now, there are so many people curious as to whether their only options include sticking with dentures or switching to dental implants but very rarely do they ask. In fact, there are very few people who even consider the possibility of using their dentures, or partial dentures, with dental implants.

The answer to this question is a yes. You can, in fact, use both full sets of dentures and partial dentures with your dental implants. This combination has the potential to be one of the best setups for certain dental circumstances.

Mostly, the way that this partnership works is that you will have the permanent implants that will go directly into the gums. Once this has been put in, you can use your full or partial dentures and just click them right into the root implants. This is a great way to enjoy more stability as well as a more natural feel with your dentures. Given that durability and a natural feel is something that most people struggle with regarding dentures, this is a fantastic option for making the most of both procedures.

Can you remove dental implants like dentures?

This is a fantastic question, especially when trying to determine if there’s one procedure that works better for you than the other. One of the primary ways that these two procedures differ is the tied directly to this question.

Dentures offer the ability to remove them when needed while dental implants are a much more permanent option. Depending on which of these are going to be a better fit for you and your goals with the procedure, it’ll be pretty easy for you to determine which of these procedures is going to be a better fit for you and your needs. If you’re not entirely sure which of the methods is going to be better for you – or if there is an option that will work better for your dental circumstances – you can always reach out to the team at Same Day Dental Implants, and we’ll help you find the answer to that question.

When you’ve become accustomed to one dental solution, the idea of changing can seem ridiculous. If you have any questions about switching from dentures to dental implants, or if you’re interested in learning more about what the capabilities are with the implants and your dentures, we will always be there to help.

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