Dental Procedure Process – What to Expect

One of the main benefits of working with Pacific Northwest Specialist in Periodontics and Dental Implants is the fact that we offer same day dental implants. A treatment that can change the way that you’re living your life, and it can be done the same day that you come in. Unlike other dental procedures that require you to get moldings done, take time off of your daily life to rest and recover, or are incredibly intensive, we can get the job done in the same day!

When you reach out to us, we will always schedule a consultation so that you can get a crystal clear idea of what the process will look like and analyze your dental circumstances individually. While this is something that you’ll get before your treatment, we want to ensure that you also get a good idea of what to expect before your procedure, so we’re going to walk you through the steps of the dental implant procedure in today’s blog post.

Analyzation of Gums

The first thing that is going to happen is an analyzation of the space that you’re going to need dental implants put in. We’ll need to analyze whether or not your gums are prepared for the dental implants as they are, or is there a tooth that’s going to need removing before we can start the procedure?

At this point, we will also get an idea of how much time the procedure is going to take. The number of implants that you need to have us place in your mouth will determine the amount of time, as well as any additional tasks that that will need to be done to make this process as easy as possible for you. Again, most of this is going to depend on your mouth and dental circumstances specifically.

Once we’ve got this taken care of, we’ll move onto the next steps where we actually start to place your dental implants.

Root Implant Inserted

Implants are put into your mouth in a way that gives them the support that they need to feel natural, which is where this next step comes in. The root implant is how implants can stay in place while having a strong core. At this point, your jaw and gums will be worked on in surgery so that the insert can be put into your gums.

At times, this can require a bone graft in advance, and this is one of the things that we’ll talk to you about when you come in for your consultation. During that surgery, we will prepare your gums for the inserts that will hold your dental implants in place. After your gums have been ready for the operation, we will insert the metal rods into the holes. Your gums will heal around these rods so that they hold them just as if they were your natural born teeth.

Fusion of Root With Bone

Arguably one of the most critical steps is the step where we fusion the root and the bone. As we’ve said many times before, this procedure has been so simplified because of how natural and stable the bite is. For that to be the case, the fusion of the of the root of the implant, and the bone in your jaw needs to happen.

This step of the procedure might sound like it’s scary or would hurt, but it’s not nearly as bad as it may seem. Once we’ve got your jaw set for the surgery, the rest of the process will go extremely quick. At this point, you will start to get an idea of how fast the procedure is, but how life changing it will be once you’ve got the molds on. Now that we’ve talked about the root of the implant let’s talk about the crown that will be attached.

Impression Made

For your dental implants to fit perfectly, we need to have an impression made so that the crown fits your mouth perfectly. This process is pretty standardized to any other molding. We’ll use a soft material to get the shape and grooves of your mouth perfectly. In doing so, we can create an incredibly natural crown.

We’ll do this for each of the teeth that you are going to have crowns made for, and we’ll do it all at the same time so that it doesn’t take any longer to get more than one crown made. By having a crown made that fits perfectly with the rest of your teeth, we’re able to provide the most natural smile for you. It will fit perfectly in between the surrounding teeth and have the same grooves and look like your other teeth. This is the only procedure that is going to give you a solution that fits in with the rest of your teeth.

Crown Attached

After all of these steps, we’re almost done with the dental implant procedure. Once the molding has been made, we’re ready to get the crowns put in and send you on your way. This part of the procedure is pretty simple and straightforward. We’ve spent time preparing your mouth to hold the crowns, and the crowns have been created to fit your mouth perfectly, so the last step is to get those crowns on to root that we’ve put in there.

This portion of the process is very simple and doesn’t cause much pain. When we’ve got all of the crowns put in, you may notice that your mouth is a little bit sore, and that’s to be expected with how much work will have been done in a short period. Giving your mouth some time to rest after the procedure, and slowly working your way up in solidity of foods, is the best thing that you can do once your implants have been put in.

The procedure may seem much more daunting than some of the others that claim to provide you with a natural look and bite, but the reality is that this is a same-day procedure, and beyond that, it’s the procedure that will always provide the results that you want.

The team at Pacific Northwest has been working with same day dental implants for years. If you’re ready to change your smile or you’re merely just interested in learning more about the dental implant process, give us a call, and we would be more than happy to help. If you’re interested in learning more about the process, browse our blog space. We are always doing our best to provide our clients with the answers they need and posts that offer guidance.

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