Struggles With Dentures & Partials

Teeth are one of the first things that people notice about a person. Unfortunately, not every individual was born with perfect teeth or their ideal smile. In fact, very few people actually have the smile that they’d like to have. At times people simply don’t fully develop all of their teeth, while other times accidents can happen that leave their smiles looking like less full. Luckily there are a few solutions that can help you feel confident about your smile and provide you with the same functionalities as your natural teeth would.

For ages, there were only a few options that people could turn to when they wanted to alter their smile. Even fewer options were around when it came to dental solutions that would help your smile if you had missing teeth. What we have a hard time wrapping our mind around is that people are still using these original procedures when there have been so much growth and development improving the results and look of smiles over the years.

PNW Specialists in Periodontics and Dental Implants has provided the Seattle area with high-quality services to help individuals that are looking to improve their smile, get to their end goal. Today’s blog post is going to cover two of the solutions that have been around for years, that we still see many people using, but what we’re really going to look at is the downfalls of each procedure and why dental implants are going to be a better option for the results that you want.


The one solution that has been around for decades, and for the longest time was the only option available when trying to make up for missing teeth, are your well-known dentures. While dentures may have a reputation of being tied to elderly individuals, that’s not at all what the demographics of dentures look like.

Dentures are designed so that they can fit on just the top of your mouth, just on the bottom, or a full set, all based off your needs. Since they were the only option for so many people that were losing teeth, the primary people that are seen using them are the older generations. However, there are so many people that utilize these on a daily basis. The thing is that while they were the primary option for quite some time, they certainly aren’t the best option that’s available for people now.

The main problem that we come across with this type of solution is that dentures don’t feel like your natural teeth in the slightest. As a whole, they can feel awkward while in your mouth because they aren’t extremely attached to anything. What ends up happening with this is that as you chew or you start to talk, the movement itself can feel extremely unnatural. Most people that choose this dental solution are choosing it because they aren’t entirely aware that there are other options that are better.


Partials are one of the newer solutions that we are seeing used more and more frequently. These are a newer solution than dentures and they are certainly different in terms of their structure and overall look, but the idea is pretty similar.

This is a solution that works to take things one step further with the aesthetic and functionality of your teeth. Partials are very similar to dentures, but they can fit a little bit tighter and will only fill the areas that you have teeth missing. Unfortunately, this solution may look better but it doesn’t provide much more in terms of comfort or in functionality.

As a whole, both of these older solutions simply don’t fit the mouth and they just don’t feel natural. While they were enough of a solution for people to turn to them, they aren’t the best option available anymore. Rather than settle for something that the only sort of works, you could invest in full dental implants and enjoy a much more natural feel.

One of the primary reasons that dental implants are so much better than these two solutions that we’ve just covered is the ability to tackle the bone loss struggle that is inevitable. As the mouth reshapes and loses more bone, dentures, and partials are much less likely to stay in place or work as well as they once did. From this comes a bunch of frustration and struggle, which makes the end results of dental implants even more worth it.

As a whole, these two solutions will take care of your bare minimum, but they won’t provide you with a comfortable lifestyle or full functionality. The last thing that you want is to live your life without full ability to enjoy a meal or feel confident, and that’s where our team wants to come in and provide a truly life-changing solution.

If you’ve been using an outdated solution to accommodate missing teeth, then it’s time to reach out to our team and talk some more about what the dental implant process looks like. We can sit down with you and provide you with an idea of what solutions are going to make great options with your circumstances. Contact us today so that we can get started on the journey to your favorite smile.