Smile Statistics Throughout the United States

As dental professionals, we see the way that a procedure can drastically change the way that someone lives their life. From the comfort factors to the aesthetic appeal, the dental implant treatment has proven to be one of the best options for individuals looking for a long-term solution. While the treatment is one that can change lives, so many people that are hesitant to commit to this procedure, and we’re not sure why.

Whether it’s the feeling that it just won’t work well or the insecurity of feeling like the only one with this issue, we think it’s important for everyone to understand just how much this treatment can benefit individuals and how many people are struggling with similar problems. We’ve seen some incredible statistics that are tied to smiles that prove how much of a difference dental implants have the opportunity to make.

Missing Teeth

Teeth can fall out for various reasons. When you visit the dentist, they’ll always provide you with dental care assistance to avoid the chances of your teeth rotting and falling out, but this isn’t the only way that teeth can fall out. While lack of dental hygiene is one of the primary reasons that teeth wind up falling out, accidents from sports or injuries are another reason that people are missing teeth.

It still goes further than these two reasons, though. A portion of the population is born with a smile that is toothless in places. Whatever the idea may be, dental implants are the answer for the spaces that you’re missing a tooth. Beyond that, we find that it’s essential for people to understand how big of an issue missing teeth is. It isn’t something that only a few people are dealing with in their lives. In fact, it’s something that a majority of the US population struggles with on a daily basis. We’ll dive into that next.

A Healthy Smile

A healthy smile will have 32 teeth, and while that is the number of teeth that a mouth should have, the average is far from it. Our national average is at 24.92 teeth. This number drops even further when you look at individuals over the age of 65. In elderly, ages 65 and over, there is an average of 18.9 healthy teeth in the mouth. These numbers solidify that a majority of our population could be benefitting from dental implants, and they aren’t even aware of how simple and life-changing the procedure can be.

Who Is a Good Candidate

If you’re wondering whether or not this is a procedure that you’d be a good candidate for, we’re here to help. As you’ve seen us mention above, the one thing that you need to have is a desire to have a smile that you love. If you are missing teeth, then this is a great way to have a natural bite and a beautiful smile. So the reality is, just about everybody is a fantastic candidate for this procedure!

Whether you’re missing one tooth or you’re missing all of your teeth, our team can help. We like to start with a consultation so that we can review the process with you and determine what will need to be done based off of your dental needs. Our goal, first and foremost, is to ensure that you’re comfortable and fully aware of what the procedure is going to look like moving forward.

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